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So I had a nice post all written up about my plans for Memorial Day weekend, about MisCon and about the stuff I’m working on. However, that post was eaten shortly after it was published because I was merging my hosting accounts. Here goes try number two…

MisCon was a blast. I ran a game of Apocalypse Prevention Inc. and Savage Worlds and was able to play in a game of Exploding Aces and Star Wars (the West End Games version). For the games I ran I was able to give all of the players a copy of the game I ran along with the dice they need to play. And, once again, the laws of probability decided to take a vacation. In API there was a crucial moment where the players were sneaking through the Roxy Theater during their investigation and a Stealth roll was required. Each player rolled a natural 20.

In Savage Worlds, the Joker is a big deal. You want the Joker because it allows you to act whenever you want during the turn, including interrupting other combatants, and gives you a +2 to all rolls (including damage) to everything you do that turn. During the game I ran there were only two rounds of combat where a Joker did NOT end up in a player’s hand. During those same rounds of combat I received a 2 around five times. I was told I need to stop giving out dice at conventions since the dice I give away always seem to roll exceptionally well for my players. Last year, during my BASH game, my Big Bad Guy was one-shot by one of the players. I found out at MisCon this year that the player who did that still uses those dice when he plays BASH. That makes me feel good.

In addition to the games, I met up with some friends that I only get to see once or twice a year, talked about things I’m working on and things I hope to work on in the future. It was a good time and I can’t wait for next year. But next up is GenCon…

I’ve mentioned a couple times that I am working on the Savage Worlds edition of Apocalypse Prevention Inc. The rules have been ripped apart by our playtesters, revised numerous times and were finally deemed ready. It’s out of my hands now so here’s hoping people enjoy it.

My next project is getting the final draft of my essay over to 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming for The GOLD Guide to Competitive Gaming.

When it comes to gaming I am still playing in a Hunter the Vigil game with my Saturday group over Skype. There was a bit of a hiatus due to illness, moving and the convention but we finally got things back on track. I’m playing Lawrence “Tommy” Thompson, a retired detective who can’t let the job go. I look forward to our Saturday game every week because I quite enjoy the group dynamic and Devon, from Shark Bone, is one hell of a GM.

On Sundays I am running Hellas. This is a game I was hesitant to run because I just wasn’t sure what the hell kind of story I would do for it. Luckily for me the character creation is AMAZING and the lifepath events ended up writing the game for me. I’ll post a review of this one later, once we wrap up our current game, but I can see myself coming back to Hellas time and time again.

On Mondays we are still playing Beyond the Mountains of Madness using Realms of Cthulhu. I think my players are having a good time with it but I’m kind of struggling with it. The story is so slow. I’m pressing on with it because I know it’ll get good eventually but it’s tough.

I’m currently re-reading Kingdom of Nothing by Gallileo Games. I’m loving it and can’t wait to play. In it, the players are homeless people who have forgotten who they are in an urban fantasy setting. It’s another one that will get a review once it sees some time at the table but the quick and dirty version is the game rocks. Here’s a blurb from RPGNow:

Kingdom of Nothing is a game about people who’ve lost everything, and their struggle to crawl their way back out of the cracks through which they’ve slipped. In it, players take on the role of a forgotten person. Something happened to them that was so horribly traumatic it brought their lives crashing down and forced them onto the street and into homelessness. A mysterious force called the Nothing has eaten their memories and manifested their fears as twisted monsters that threaten to destroy them.

Through the course of the game, they come to grips with the thing that destroyed their lives and regain their memories piece by piece. Players at the table collaborate to create your character’s backstory as you collaborate to create theirs. Throughout the course of the game, players discover the intense drama that led their character to get lost in the Nothing.

All in all it has been a good couple of months. Sorry the posts have been so sparse but I think I’m finally starting to relax now that MisCon is over and the API conversion documents have been sent off. Here’s hoping I can keep up with more regular posts from here on out now that the workload is starting to settle.

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