GenCon ’11 and What’s on the Horizon…

Another long time without a post. Work, gaming, writing, prepping for GenCon… it has been a busy time.

I posted before that I was going to GenCon this year with Third Eye Games. I’m going to be running the Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. games at the convention this year and tickets have gone quickly. I always get nervous when I’m running games at conventions because that experience can either turn someone on to a game or make them never want to play it again. I’m hoping that people will realize how awesome API is and walk away feeling satisfied. The MisCon game I ran was enjoyable for me just because of the players I had, but I don’t know if they’re going to work API into their regular rotations or not. It was hard to get a feel for how much they enjoyed it but at least they all still talk to me afterwards.

GenCon takes that worry up to a whole new level because the people sitting at the table all paid for that spot. To me, that means they need to receive a top-shelf experience with the game. I’m really hoping that the games I have planned live up my expectations and that every player that walks away from the table has a great time and wants to play again.

There are a few (I think three) spots left in my GenCon games right now. The schedule can be found here.

In addition to running the normal API, I’ll also be running API Savage Worlds at Savage Saturday Night. This one I am completely petrified over. These are people who LOVE Savage Worlds and it will be the first public unveiling of the systems we designed to make it feel like API. I’ve got the scenario ready so really I just need to put it out there and hope the changes to the rules don’t rub anyone wrong.

In addition, I’ll be attending the RPGnet meet & greet again and catching the ENnie Awards while I’m there. For gaming, I plan on hitting Games on Demand a few times to check out Kingdom of Nothing, Apocalypse World and whatever else I can find time to play.

As for booths I want to hit, Savage Mojo is up at the top of the list. I’m hoping to get them to sign the copy of Caladon Falls they are holding for me. Cubicle 7 will see me because I want to get some copies of Supers! for my friends, Airship Pirates for my girlfriend and I’ll be picking up The One Ring for someone who can’t make it to the convention.

When I get back I’ll be turning my attention to reviewing again. I know I have talked about doing reviews and then those reviews never get posted because everything else piles up on me. Well, I’ve managed to get caught up on my projects and my certification exam for work is set for September. Once that’s done I think the blog will receive an overhaul and the formatting will be changed a bit. I’ll get into all this when I get back, but I think a change is definitely in order.

In other news, DriveThruRPG is having their Christmas in July sale where A LOT of products are 25% off. Check it out, there are many good deals to be had.

I’m sure I’ll be posting something after I return from GenCon. Hopefully it’s all good news. Hopefully Third Eye Games nets themselves one of those Judge’s Spotlight Awards at the ENnies, the booth sells out and Eloy goes home a happy man. Hopefully people decide that they really enjoy the games they play in and take those games home to their friends.

Wish us luck!

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