A month later…

So it has been a while since my last post. I ended up going to GenCon, coming back to a day off and then diving into my certification studies once more. That has been keeping me pretty busy lately. I have also been looking to change the focus of the blog because I broke the promise. I should have known I’d crack at GenCon and crack I did…

I showed up in Indy on Wednesday night (8/3), got a ride back to the hotel with the Third Eye Games crew and stayed up for a while chatting with Eloy Lasanta. I had a game on Thursday and felt pretty confident that it would go alright but you never know…

Thursday I got up, grabbed breakfast and went down to the dealer hall to make sure Eloy had support at the booth. My One Year promise went straight to shit the moment I walked into the dealer hall. I picked up two copies of Savage Worlds Deluxe (one for me, one for a friend) and it was straight downhill from there. I also picked up Legend of the Five Rings: The Great Clans for a fellow RPGnetter that couldn’t make it to the show.

The game I was running, Apocalypse Prevention Inc., was scheduled for noon and when I showed up I had a full table. The adventure I was running was Seafood Chowder, available for free at RPGNow, and it went well. The thing about that particular adventure is that it is very investigation heavy and can end with no combat whatsoever, as was the case with that first game. Since most people want to experience the full game when they sit down to a con game I ran them through a combat and they all seemed to enjoy it. My buddy Corey showed up on Thursday to help us out and that night we went out to dinner.

When I got back to the hotel I was pretty much dead but that didn’t stop me from playing in an Age Past game run by the designer, Jeff Mechlinski. Age Past is a Kickstarter I backed after hearing about it from my buddy Tommy Brownell and I was pretty excited about giving it a try. After playing it I am really impressed with how the system works as well as the flavor of the game. I highly suggest checking it out. After that it was off to bed.

Friday I had two games to run starting at 10am. They both went fine but I was wiped out by the end of the day. The last game of the day is still very memorable for me as I had an 11 year old girl in the group. Part of the adventure involves a really scummy Loch named Solo who is a complete dick to the players. She got fed up with him and said “I pull my knife and tell him I’m going to make him into a fish fillet.” To her father – you are doing something very right.

After making a trip to the dealer’s hall I picked up Airship Pirates because the other guy running games for 3EG really wanted it and they only had 50 copies at the show. I got him one and also snapped up Dark Harvest and Supers! Like I said, my promise went straight to hell. I had to split pretty much right after since I had a second game to run, but mission accomplished!

I still had the ENnies to attend as part of the Third Eye Games Dream Date, so myself, Eloy and Melissa Gay (Part-Time Gods artist) all went over to the awards. I enjoyed my time there, sitting with Carinn Seabolt and Sean Patrick Fannon of SilverMist Studios and OneBookShelf as well as my group. I was disappointed to see that some of the judge candidates I actively dislike were elected but I hope for the best this year. At least one of my picks made it in (Kurt Wiegel). I ended up winning an silent auction that netted me Legend of the Five Rings, Eoris Essence, Shadowrun Attitude and a sketch someone did. I figure these will make nice gifts and the money went to supporting the ENnies, so I was happy.

Saturday was the day I was dreading. I had three games on my plate, two using the normal DGS system for API and one using the unpublished API Savage Worlds version at Savage Saturday Night. My first game on Saturday was a mess and pretty much sucked the morale right out of me. When I was able to hit the booth it seemed like I wasn’t the only one down in the dumps. Things got better and the second game helped to pick me up.

Finally, it was time for API: Savage Worlds Edition at Savage Saturday Night. That one I was pretty terrified of as no one outside of the playtest groups has gotten a chance to see the rules we came up with for the system. My players included Eloy, who hadn’t gotten a chance to play it yet, as well as Kurt Wiegel and four others. Kurt is welcome at my table any time. Our magic system was questioned but once the guy playing the adept saw it in action he liked it quite a bit. I got some good feedback, mostly about improving the Wolf Person racial bonuses (this one went from being overpowered to not powerful enough, apparently), and implementing training packages for API agents. These things will be definitely considered, and I actually appreciate the outside feedback on the game while I still have time to make changes before it goes to print.

Sunday came up quick and I only had one game to run here as well. Eloy ended up taking it for me, giving me a chance to man the booth for him. I really enjoyed being able to talk to people about the different games he had up and sold several books. Corey had that day off but still stuck around to help me out. He had been looking for a new game all weekend but nothing caught his attention until I sent him over to Cubicle 7′s booth. Once he saw Qin: The Warring States he was sold. See, he’s a huge fan of Romance of the Three Kingdoms (the books) and Dynasty Warriors and he feels like Qin is just the game he has been looking for.

In addition, being at the booth allowed me to catch up with a buddy who makes the trip over from Greece and we got to chat for a bit. He gave a bottle of raki (Greek moonshine, basically) to Corey and warned us that it would come on slow but hit him like a truck. Another guy came by the booth, saw the glass counters we were using in our demos and wanted one of the red ones. He picked up a d20 off the demo table and said “It’s my birthday. What do I have to roll to get one?” I picked up the other one and said “You just need to roll higher than me.” We rolled, he got a 3. I figured I would win the roll and felt bad about it, but I ended up rolling a 1. He walked away with his shiny red counter and I realized that I’m destined to constantly lose rolls at conventions. This time I was totally ok with it.

I got to see a demo for the Mistborn Adventure Game (our booth was right next to Crafty Games) and I am so stoked for that one. I am currently reading the first Mistborn book and the setting is amazing. The system that was developed for the game seems like it will fit perfectly. One thing some of you might know is that I hate to see people disappointed, especially when it’s because of money. The guy who did the Mistborn demo came over several times to check out Wu Xing. He was sold on the setting the minute I started explaining it to him and we did a combat demo so he could see how it worked. Thing was, he didn’t have enough left in his budget by Sunday to pick it up. I talked with him for a while, really cool guy, and decided that I’d help him out. I picked up a copy of the game for him as a gift and just told him to play it, get other people interested in it and that’d be enough for me. Turns out he was getting a copy of the Mistborn Adventure Game for running the booth all weekend and he had already pre-ordered his copy, so he is sending one to me! I was ecstatic because I got caught up in the booth duties and breakdown and was unable to do a pre-order for myself, so this is something that is very, very appreciated.

That night Eloy ran a Wu Xing game for the 3EG crew and friends and Corey was sipping his raki all night. When it hit, it hit him good. The game was fun. Once again my dice crapped all over me so I just rolled with it and was still able to be a good distraction, even though I couldn’t hit anyone that I was going up against. Some taunts, some insults, some spittle flying and they stayed focused on me, so it all worked out.

My full list of purchases ended up being:

Since getting back I have spent some time relaxing, going over the stuff that I bought while I was there and studying for the certification I’m taking in September. Once I’m done with the certification the blog will be getting an overhaul with the focus shifting to my next project. Hopefully I’ll succeed at this one instead of dropping the ball right at the end. Luckily, the new focus doesn’t require me not to buy anything. I learned my lesson.

For those of you that stuck through this with me, thank you. I’m sorry for the delays between posts. I learned a lot this year about time management and scheduling and will be makingĀ  strong effort with my next project to keep things moving at a steady pace. Even though I didn’t make it the whole year this time I think that I learned a lot and found some new gems in my collection of games. I mean, look at API. I went from buying the Haiti bundle from DriveThruRPG to checking out the game to working with 3EG and making a new friend in the form of Eloy Lasanta. I’d say that even with me breaking the promise toward the end I gained a lot from this little journey. It’s amazing to see what can come from a shift in focus.

Until then…

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2 Responses to A month later…

  1. walkerp says:

    Though you didn’t quite make the year, you did an admirable job and clearly got a lot of value out of the project. I’ve enjoyed following your progress. And certainly I can’t really fault you for breaking down at GenCon. I mean that’s like a sex addict crashing on a desert island with the Dominican women’s olympic volleyball team with only oysters to eat!

  2. MistbornDave says:

    I was very appreciative of your generosity as well!!